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Reef Tiger Watch - Show A Unique Charm

swiss watches

Swiss Reef Tiger Watch is incorporated in Switzerland, Reef Tiger watch is fashion , Accurate , innovative and stylish design. In the international watch arena , show a unique charm.

Reef Tiger brand watches series of watches with a variety of offers customer choice : classic series , traditional Swiss design and manufacturing processes . Seattle series , the modern minimalist design impression of the city . Artists Series , fully embodies the combination of art and design and technology . Aurora Series, owners of sports watches fashion favorite. Cocoa Rose series , specifically for women to build a watch . Reef Tiger watch brand will continue to research , develop new watches provide consumer choice.

Swiss Movement

  1. Reef Tiger Watch ( using specialized equipment self-testing ) is to reach the Swiss Chronometer Authority (Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres, COSC) inspection , proved to be highly accurate chronometer .

  2. COSC is an independent, neutral body . Movement Control Board on the performance of individual rigorous sampling and testing of sports performance , in a continuous 360 hours , tested at five different positions of the wrist , and three temperature changes.

  3. Mechanical movement were also there is some error , the error between -3 +6 its day or 99.99% accurate , precise chronometer certificate be awarded .

  4. The accuracy of the mechanical movement of the table of the Lord due to personal habits vary . Reef Tiger watchmakers in the careful commissioning , the deviation of the accuracy of Swiss watches are in compliance with the provisions of the Reef Tiger .

Reef Tiger Brand Watches Series

    • Artists Series

      Artists Series

      There are total six series of Reef Tiger, among which the Artist is supposed to be most natural and romantic one, full of the spirit of literature and art. In detail, the Artist Series consists of Royal Crown, Carved Spiral, Constant and Freedman, the four brands. Through committing itself to delicate, fashionable and elegant watches, this series advocates an idea that everyone could be an artist, which means that even life is nothing remarkable, everybody can still become an artist in life only if his mind is still flying and dreaming. And the Artist Series is just exactly the kind watch, giving you freedom, hope and expectation as well as good feelings.

    • Aurora Series

      Aurora Series

      From material, design and function, Reef Tiger is a true racing watch. It has the case that meets ergonomics, racing-car design style, aging band and practical VK67 chronograph movement make this watch one complete navigator.

    • Black Shark Series

      Black Shark Series

      Black Shark, an idiomatical diving watch, just as the name implies, is the specialized diving watch brand of Reef Tiger. Its name is very fierce and brave representing that Black Shark wrist watches can sweep away all obstacles even in deep sea. This kind watches keep decent luxury in design style, but make some creations in the base of traditional appearance design. The green hands and marks are perfectly matched with each other in the smooth and beautiful black dial and the hands can emit light green in deep sea while diving.

    • Classico Series

      Classico Series

      As a Classic watch, 40 mm size case can completely show your wearing attitude, without fancy and complicated functions, it could also attract people’s enviable glance. The bezel of Classic uses double arched design, which is narrow processed, this could make the case lines more gentle, so the watch will still looks perfect even on a thin wrist.

    • Coco Rose Series

      Coco Rose Series

      Born from Swiss traditional brands, Reef Tiger, by virtue of its outstanding technology and amazing watch-making technique, has been too far behind to be caught with by many watches brand. Therefore it becomes the first choice for numerous customers. There’re total six series of Reef Tiger, and each one has its characteristics. Coco Rose, whose style is ebullient, energetic, and grace, is one of them mainly fitting women. And the series watches consist of Heart, Long Island and Master Square.

    • Seattle Series

      Seattle Series

      Actually, Seattle is a city in Washington of America with long history culture, in which the first industry is lumbering, no wonder Seattle is named the Emerald City. With the beautiful name of the city, Reef Tiger founded a rich background of history and culture for that. In detail, this series can be divided into three brands including City Impression, Time Vision and Mountain Rainier. Every brand is rather full of the feeling of city culture, and it inspires eagerly you to explore more. In short, the Seattle series is less about wrist watches and more about an acronym of the connotation of city culture.

UK Reef Tiger watches . Gives you more fashionable , precision Swiss watch

  • swiss Automatic watches

    Reef Tiger Automatic Watches

    Does not meet the Swiss Observatory (COSC) certification watch when the average daily travel time error of -25 / +45 sec.

    Precision mechanical movement of the watch can be adjusted according to the preferences of the owner . From the fine-tuning of watchmakers Reef Tiger , Tiger watch each Sharif to meet the accuracy requirements.

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  • swiss Quartz watches

    Reef Tiger Quartz watch

    Excellent quality and superior performance, Reef Tiger quartz movement embodies the brand's outstanding achievements in watch making technology . However, the ambient temperature may affect the accuracy of the adaptation of the movement, resulting in daily travel time between -0.5 to +07 seconds error .

    Such electronic components quartz movement device can compensate for temperature changes affect the operation of the production of movement , making the watch deteriorate within + -0.055 seconds.

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